Monday, June 29, 2009

Tiffany glow with the design of the exquisite dazzling or calm restrained, so that you can feel the culture of Tiffany brand, so the classification is very particular about brands, we can be grading on the main distinction between them and, according to our own demand to choose Tiffany jewelry.

Grade introduced: the hierarchy generally consists TIFFANY: real goods, Genuine; A+, a level; b level; other.

Genuine refers to the original manufacturer TIFFANY store Availability production mode, and compared the lack of real goods single laboratory report, which is mainly used to export; and real goods Comparatively speaking, the general lack of laboratory report only single, with silver in 92.5 percent above.

A+ international best-selling refers to the TIFFANY products, the price is not high, but production steps, as well as the appearance of the final product are close to authentic.Not necessarily amount of silver up to standard, for the worship of Silver friends not too high, the proposed buy this. Fact to the high volume of silver really unnecessary and people could not see. Suggest that you buy this just general.

A level: bits is a poor place, with an average volume of silver lower number, such as: Will many of the "bread silver" ornaments (this does not ring for the beautiful, But long-time will not change color), in the process of making requests not stringent enough, such as polishing, laser logo, but it is not enough stringent checks, there defective rate is relatively high, the surface may not be entirely smooth, Cheaper prices.more..

Tiffany Silver Jewelry

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