Monday, June 29, 2009

Tiffany glow with the design of the exquisite dazzling or calm restrained, so that you can feel the culture of Tiffany brand, so the classification is very particular about brands, we can be grading on the main distinction between them and, according to our own demand to choose Tiffany jewelry.

Grade introduced: the hierarchy generally consists TIFFANY: real goods, Genuine; A+, a level; b level; other.

Genuine refers to the original manufacturer TIFFANY store Availability production mode, and compared the lack of real goods single laboratory report, which is mainly used to export; and real goods Comparatively speaking, the general lack of laboratory report only single, with silver in 92.5 percent above.

A+ international best-selling refers to the TIFFANY products, the price is not high, but production steps, as well as the appearance of the final product are close to authentic.Not necessarily amount of silver up to standard, for the worship of Silver friends not too high, the proposed buy this. Fact to the high volume of silver really unnecessary and people could not see. Suggest that you buy this just general.

A level: bits is a poor place, with an average volume of silver lower number, such as: Will many of the "bread silver" ornaments (this does not ring for the beautiful, But long-time will not change color), in the process of making requests not stringent enough, such as polishing, laser logo, but it is not enough stringent checks, there defective rate is relatively high, the surface may not be entirely smooth, Cheaper prices.more..

Tiffany Silver Jewelry

Gold and Silver Jewelry Quality Mark

It may sound a bit of a surprise, but the jewelry is not made of pure noble metals as in their original state they don’t often have the necessary properties. For instance, gold is too soft to work with. To give them the necessary mechanical properties and a wishful color nonferrous metals are brought into. Thus, we get different alloys, for example, that of gold with silver and copper, sometimes with palladium, nickel, zinc and cadmium.It is the precious metal content that determines the mark of quality.

In the USA, Britain and Switzerland the carat system is used. According to the carat system the 1000th mark of quality of the precious metal corresponds to 24 conventional units. In most European countries the metric system of the mark defining is used. It means that it is defined by the number of parts of the precious metal in 1000 weight units of the alloy.

The quality mark of precious metals alloys is set legislatively and is guaranteed by the state. All the jewelry necessarily undergoes the assay control to ensure it. As a result the mark of assay is put. The mark is defined by its digits. It’s up to a country to choose the form and the pattern of the mark of assay.more...

Tiffany Jewelry

Monday, June 22, 2009

Girls Best Friend :Tiffany Jewelry

When speaking of exquisite tiffany jewelry, nearly everybody can instantly think of vivid images of various kinds of tiffany jewelries, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, settings and so on. In deep hearts of a vast majority of people, tiffany is eternal symbol of classics and fashion, elegance and nobleness. There is no better jewelry than tiffany & Co which is perfect to be selected as a personal decoration or a gift idea. That also well explains a currently very popular saying that tiffany jewelry is a girl's friend.

Everybody knows that in deep heart of every trendy girl, she more or less have a princess complexity, no matter whether she is a real princess or not or she finally can reach the standard of a real princess, at least she has ever dreamed of herself as a lovely and beautiful princess who can wins love of all charming princes. Just based on this starting point, tiffany rings always pays much attention to inner needs of those little princesses and makes its designing style.

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